Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alice Cooper Gives Christian Testimony

If you grew up or can remember the 1980's you'll remember he was not exactly the picture of a Christian. That is probably because he wasn't.

Alice Cooper, infamous rock star who performed for millions on stage throughout the last three decades was once lost but now is found. He is sober, filled with the spirit and very, very outspoken about it. (Who would have thought Alice Cooper to be outspoken?)

Here is an audio clip of a discussion about recovery and faith:

Men like Alice Cooper, famous, who are turning their life to Christ, are showing thousands and millions that giving up the sinful lifestyle to follow Christ is the righteous choice. As long as this rockin' Christian keeps being a positive example for Christians and non-Christians, he'll be a Real Man of Jesus.

Enjoy the last video and God Bless.

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